Potion Craft - Alchemist Simulator Indie Game

Potion Craft - Alchemist Simulator Indie Game

Potion Craft simulates alchemy and allows you to interact with your ingredients and tools in order to make potions. You have full control over the shop. Invent new recipes, draw customers and try out all you want. Remember that the entire town depends on you.

I began to learn how to make potions when I was only in my teens. Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine inspired my belief that anyone could make a magical potion. But not to kill my grandmas, who were wonderful. Instead of going to the medicine cabinet, my brews were made from the many farms and woods that are nearby. The bucket held liquids as well slimes, manure, mushrooms and other ingredients. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any guineapigs. I also didn’t want to consume that foul-smelling, bubbling, bile. However, Potion Craft Alchemist simulator has made it possible for me to have queues of people willing pay for the privilege. I think this is my calling.

I often roll my eyes whenever a crafting system comes up. I’ve seen way too many, and now they blur together in a dull montage where it seems like I’m just trying to squeeze resources together. Potion craft is like taking a mini journey, each ingredient pushing you further into new territory. All this is done while you are still at the cauldron. Although it is abstract and bizarre, it captures the magic in invention and creation better than other crafting systems.


These unique visuals are inspired by medieval manuscripts, medical books, and other sources. Hyper-satisfying physical interactions with equipment and ingredients. Sandbox gameplay allows you to explore many options and you can choose the best route to accomplish each task.

You can sell your potions to the townfolk, while you roleplay as a noble craftsman, a greedy weasel or an occult Dark Master, or whatever else you wish to be. All kinds of ingredients are possible For your mortar and pestle, you have a wide variety of leaves, flowers, fruits, minerals, roots, fruits, vegetables, and a multitude of mushrooms at your disposal. The grind is just as important as the espresso!

Learn how to make potion.

Your potion recipe is ready. Mix ingredients together in a blender. Heat the coals. Boil the coals and stir. You can add the base water, oil or… Congratulations on your first potion. It was easy to learn! Try it now!

Try new recipes and experiment with them

To combine different effects, plan carefully using the Alchemy Map. Common sense is important: there won’t be a market for poisonous healing potion. Or would you?

You can sell potions

Customers will visit your store every day looking for solutions to their problems. Depending on what you sell, they will suffer consequences. You will face consequences depending on what you decide to sell them.

You can buy ingredients or make your own

Ingredients are essential for alchemists. They can be purchased from traveling merchants. Although it may seem expensive, it could save you money if you are able to bargain. You can also grow them yourself!

Customizing is a great way to express yourself

Do you want to make your potions stand out? Go ahead! You can change the shape of your bottle, its icon, and even the label type. You can also give your bottle a unique name and description. You can arrange your potions carefully to display them on your shop’s tables and shelves. Or you can just throw them around. We don’t want to tell you what to do.

We’re here help you get started in Alchemist Simulator. Once you have mastered the basics, the game’s system is quite simple. So let’s go on a walk.

Potions are created in your alchemy workshop. Also, your home includes your garden for herbs and mushrooms, the basement to repair your alchemy machines and mix legendary recipes, as well your shop that you can meet customers and other merchants.

Alchemist’s Simulator Beginner’s Book - What is the deal with potions

You can distinguish between potions based on their effect and intensity. Potions have effects. Healing, Poison. Although a potion can contain up to three effects, customers may pay more for potions that have side effects.

Alchemy is achieved in the lab using a map. There are many ways to achieve each “Effect”. There are more than 50 mushrooms, herbs, and crystals that can be used in your work. This allows you to tweak your recipes and determine what works the best. The game begins with a basic explanation. It then guides you through the making of a few potions. You can see more of Alchemy Map as you move your potion bottle icon closer to the center.

The intensity of the potion can be seen in threes. For example, if you hold your potion bottle above an effect bottle, you’ll see an I, II, and III on the bottle. I is the weakest and III is most intense. Customers will usually pay more for more powerful potions. It is an I if part of your bottle icon overlaps the outline the effect icon. These two areas overlap are a II intensity. If you can manage to place your bottle perfectly above the icon’s center, then this is a rare and valuable III intensity.

Alchemist Simulation Beginner’s guide - Experience

Moving your bottle along the book icons on this map will give experience points and help to level up. However the skulls or bones in the area will cause your potion to be destroyed if you stay too close. Your best advice: If it seems too close, it most likely is.

Your experience meter appears in the upper-right corner. It can be hovered over to show how many experience points are available and how many to reach the next stage. Click on it to redeem your Talent Points. You receive one Talent points for every level you climb. There are many ways that you can spend them. You can increase visibility on your Alchemy Map, increase the frequency of getting daily bonus experiences books on the Alchemical Practice map, raise the base cost of goods under Trading, or use Haggling in order to increase your skill haggling and the amount you can negotiate for. Trading is better than Alchemical Practice and Trading will make you more money. Alchemical Practice will increase your experience and help you to level up faster.

Completing tasks for The Alchemist’s Path is a great way to increase your level faster. You will find them on the icon in the upper right hand corner of the bar.

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator Popularity While Popularity and Reputation can’t really be explained, you can increase your popularity by completing requests from customers. The type of customer you cater for will impact how much your reputation. For example, if a woman is determined to murder her cheating husband then your reputation will increase. But if you turn down an officer who needs help dealing with bandits, your reputation may plummet. You will also lose your reputation if the cheater is helped. It doesn’t matter how much your reputation rises or falls, popularity will go up as long you accept the request to sell a potion.

These are our top tips, tricks and suggestions for starting your journey.

Try to sell as much as possible. It’s going to be your biggest problem when you first start your business. Avoid spending a lot of money on fancy ingredients. Although they can be useful in getting around some of the obstacles on alchemy’s map, they are not recommended for use if your goal is to increase experience in a certain area or to create a potion that has intensity III. If you have a Red Mushroom or two Firebells and want to go to the same place, it’s worth not paying for a Blood Ruby. Be willing to experiment, but be cautious when you’re too close to a skull area. Take every mushroom and fungus out of your garden every single day, even if they’re not needed. Customers may request potions that have unknown effects. If you don’t have enough ingredients, don’t try to find one potion. It is possible to invest your money in ingredients and then rebuild the Alchemy Machine.

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Potion Craft simulates alchemy and allows you to interact with your ingredients and tools in order to make potions. You have full control over the shop. Invent new recipes, draw customers and try out all you want. Remember that the entire town depends on you.
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