About Indie In Thirty

About Indie In Thirty

Indie In Thirty is a games review and news platform that covers new and old games in 30 minutes. An initial impression that helps you find games to play!

Indie In Thirty provides you with a currated collection of games that you should play! 30 minutes to review and gain the initial impressions that helps you decide what games to play.

Rather than spending hours going through Steam, GOG or the EPIC game store, we bring you the best games to play by:

  • categorising games accurately
  • providing similar game choices for titles you already play
  • 30 minute initial impression review to decide if the game is right for you

Indie In Thirty was created out of love for creative independent game developers that are willing to take the risk of developing a game idea that AAA studios avoid.

With an ocean of mediocre games available online, we bring you the gold nuggets and hidden gems in a currated platform. Search for the best indie games by category, similar games, release dates, and more.

Support us, supporting the indie game industry!

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